The company employs skilled personnel including Boilermakers, Certified Welders, Control Technicians, and Pipe Fitters. We can meet the needs of larger projects that require more personnel such as black outs and shut downs.

     We carry an extensive Drug and Alcohol Program monitored by Central Drug Scan Inc. that covers DOT-RSPA-PDS programs. We also work under our safety program covering California Codes Title 8 and Title 10 . Our supervisors monitor our daily safety activities and assign duties accordingly. All safety issues are controlled by our employees and main office staff. We follow customers  safety guidelines with our own on all tailgate meetings.

                                    CUSTOMER SERVICES INCLUDES
     Communications                 Engineering                    Equipment             Services
     Technical Information          Parts                             Sales                     Follow Ups  

                            WE SERVICE THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES

     Power Plants                       Chemical Processing                Business Complexes
     Educational Facilities            Hospital Systems                     Manufacturing Facilities    
     Refineries                             Solar Plants                             Marine Vessels   

 Power_Plant.jpg             Ship_at_Port.jpg              Work_Pics_036.jpg             Work_Pics_165.jpg
     Power Plants                         Shipping                               Retrofits                 Refractory Installations